Givson Venus Super Special

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Find this Givson Venus Super Acoustic Spanish Guitar at, at an affordable price, if you have been looking for a wonderful acoustic guitar. Givson is a well-known Indian brand that makes instruments that are affordable, yet dependable and of competitive quality. Check it out today.


This Givson Venus Super Acoustic Spanish Guitar is one of a kind. It has a cut-away make. The black body looks stylish. Made of spruce wood, the guitar is resonant and has crisp audio projection. The fret board is made of rosewood. It is hence sturdy and if handled well, has negligible chances of bending or developing intonation problems. The neck is well supported given the sturdy neck material used. This is a 6-stringed guitar. The guitar measures 105 cm in length and 40 cm in width.


The acoustic projection and component lifespan of a guitar increases considerably is maintained properly. The most basic, yet the most important maintenance procedure is nothing but regular playing. The more you play, the more seasoned the sound gets. It is also important to keep the dust away. You may use a piece of clean dry cloth or a soft bristled duster to get rid of the dust. If you have installed steel strings, it is advisable to use a solvent spray and wipe the strings along the fret
board. This gets rid of the grime and rust. You can do the same with the steel tuning kegs.




Body material:Spruce

Number of strings:6



Scale Length:N/A

Fretboard material:Rosewood

Neck Material:Nato


Type:Acoustic Guitar

Hand Orientation:Any


  • Availability: 100
  • Model: Venus Super Special
  • Manufacturer: Givson

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