Mendolin (Learners)

Mendolin (Learners)
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Greg Bannet MA2e

MA 2 E

Very few instruments are capable of expressing the range of emotion and energy of a mandolin. Listen to a great bluegrass band and you’ll instantly begin to appreciate how the mandolin makes the sad songs somehow seem sadder, and puts the smile and lilt in the happy songs. It can produce an amazing edge or bark, and then be gentle and sweet.

The mandolin is also one of those rare instruments that seems at home in lots of different musical styles. Pop, rock, and country have always used the mandolin for color and texture, as well as for solo work. Just messing around with one can make you feel great.

The McCOY™ series A-style teardrop shapes produces a lush, full sound that is ideal for rhythm fill, as well as for the obligatory lead work. The solid top models provide for a full range of tone with great projection and power. The Quilt maple sides and back give it that extra edge and clarity that players demand if they are to be heard over a powerful dreadnought and banjo.


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Mahogany back and sides

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Ibanez M510E-BS select great range of music instrument over 200+ brands and test them individually before putting them on our portal to deliver it at your door step with low price and best bundling offers 


For the traditional player who eschews anything electric, Ibanez offers two pure acoustic mandolins. The standard A-shaped model, the M510, features a mahogany body. For the "less traditional" player, the M510E features a magnetic pickup and tone controls for fine tonal adjustment.

Features: Spruce top Mahogany back & sides Mahogany neck Magnetic Pickup 1 Vol & 1 Tone control Rosewood fingerboard Finish: Brown Sunburst

!!! 3 Years Music Store Warranty !!!

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  • Manufacturer: Ibanez
  • Instrument: Mandolin
  • Colour: Brown Sunburst
  • Build: A-style
  • Finish: High-Gloss
  • Number of Strings: 8
  • Pickup System: Yes
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