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Tama has expanded the Silverstar line to include a limited run double bass kit available in two finishes. With seven pieces and five toms, this kit give you a nice even tonal spread when playing long and intricate fills. Plus, this kit is finished off with an amazing S.L.P. (Sound Lab Project) metal snare drum that is a virtual chameleon that adapts well to any musical style.

With features like 100% first quality birch shells, hardened steel triple flanged hoops, and an improved Star-Mount suspension system with slideable tom holder, this kit is a clear contender at any price. Whether you're recording or gigging, the open-ended sonic palette of the Silverstar line is versatile enough for any musical application.

All-Birch Shells
Carefully selected birch materials are utilized for the Silverstar shells. Tama use the same manufacturing process and methods to create Silverstar that Tama uses to build their high-end drums. The end result is an instrument that exhibits powerful rich tone and resonance usually found in more expensive drums.

New Star-Mount System
The new Star-Mount System was designed to increase the resonance of the drums. Four minimal contact points suspend the drum without touching the shell and provide maximum tone and resonance.

Swiveling Eye Bolts
The tom brackets feature eye bolts that swivel from side to side so they're never in the way when you reposition your toms.

Low-Mass Lug
Silverstar drums feature newly designed separate lugs. Because these new lugs make less contact with the surface of the shell, they allow the drums to fully vibrate.

Cymbals and hardware sold separately.

  • 100% Birch shells
  • New Star-Mount system
  • Triple-flanged, hardened steel hoops
  • Swiveling eye bolts
  • Low-mass lugs
  • Includes two tom holders (BTH905N)
  • Configuration:
  • 22 x 18" (2) kick drums
  • 10 x 8 and 12 x 9" toms
  • 14 x 12" and 16 x 14" floor toms
  • 14 x 6-1/2" S.L.P metal snare
  • Availability: 1
  • Manufacturer: Tama

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