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The Mirage Crystal Ice finish is sleek, stylish and an ideal base for drum lights and effects. It really helps this limited edition shell pack stand out from the crowd. Ideal for playing gigs and live performances, this kit will look eye-catching under any stage lights. This shell pack sounds as good as it looks, with the acrylic shells providing you with exceptional versatility. Acrylic kits of the past faced many disadvantage due to poor hardware and poor quality construction but Tama combats this with premium quality construction delivering a well-balanced yet versatile kit. Boasting a range of Silverstar components including the Starmount System, this kit is striking, versatile and affordable.

Silverstar Series

This limited edition version of the Silverstar shell pack features an eye-catching Crystal Ice finish, almost transparent. The Silverstar range from Tama focuses on premium quality components all housed in a sleek and stylish pack. Silverstar is known for its wide range of quality components such as the low mass lugs, swivel wing eye bolts, seamless acrylic shells and Star Mount System, all of which have been incorporated into this shell pack.


  • Seamless acrylic shell
  • Crystal Ice finish
  • Silverstar Low Mass Lug
  • Starmount Mount System
  • Stands and Clamps to mount the drums
  • 16x22, 6x8, 7x10, 8x12, 12x14fl, 14x16fl
  • Shell Pack:
    • 22x16in Bass Drum
    • 10x7in Rack Tom
    • 12x8in Rack Tom
    • 14x12in Floor Tom
    • 16x14in Floor Tom
    • 14x6in Snare Drum

  • Availability: 1
  • Manufacturer: Tama

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